Federal cases to be heard at Independence County Courthouse

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - The Independence County Courthouse in Batesville will also serve a second role, while officials work to renovate the courtroom as well, County Judge Robert Griffin said Wednesday.

The county's courtroom will be used to hear federal court cases. The need came after federal officials announced that the lease on the federal courthouse in Batesville would not be renewed.

Griffin said he started to think that the change would have an impact on people in the county, especially if they had to travel to Batesville to be a juror or participate in a case.

Griffin then offered the county's courtroom and federal officials supported the idea.

"At the same time, I engaged with them to get all their courtroom amenities and transfer them over here, so a lot of the furniture and things you'll see including some of the things you see in here came from the federal building," Griffin said.

In addition to the change, officials installed a Smart TV that will allow attorneys to make presentations to the judge and jury, as well as new monitors connected to a project for the judge and attorneys to see information in a case.

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