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County in dire need of foster families

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A local organization dedicated to finding children foster homes is seeing a major need for foster families in counties like Poinsett, Crittenden, and especially Jackson County.

Christians 4 Kids of Arkansas states the number of foster kids in the Newport area greatly outweighs the number of foster families.

“We are trying to target these areas because they need more help with recruiting foster families,” said Nicole Potts, executive director. “In the Newport area, there are 66 kids there and only two foster families.”

Potts said a part of the reason they think there is a lack of families is that many people are not informed about the foster family process.

“Since we have more foster families here in Craighead County, we have more people interested in trying it out,” said Potts. “I look at it as people don’t know rather than people don’t care. In Jackson County, because there are only two families that foster there, there are not really many examples to show people so it is always tougher to recruit in places where there are not a lot of families.”

According to Potts, there are 82 foster kids, but only 7 foster families in Crittenden County. She also said in Poinsett, there are 134 kids but only 8 families. 

"Though we have seen some improvements in these counties, we run into these foster families adopting their foster children," said Potts. "Some of those families decide that they have enough kids and are no longer fosters which is another reason why that number has dropped." 

Potts said they plan to up their recruiting efforts by speaking with local churches and community groups to get more families informed on how they can help.

“These children need a home,” said Potts. “They really do. We have kids in shelters and group homes and though I appreciate those efforts, these kids need to be families that will love them and care for them like a family should.”

The next information meeting on how to be a foster parent will take place Feb. 6 at 6:00 p.m.

“The process starts where they have to take classes and do a background check and a home study so it takes about 4-6 months to go from interested to open foster families,” said Potts.

She added if you wanted more information, you can reach out to their Facebook Page.

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