Westside EAST project gets shout-out in Oprah Magazine

Westside EAST project gets shout-out in Oprah Magazine
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Thanks to an idea from a popular women's magazine, a group of students at Westside High School are helping Region 8 senior citizens while also getting some national spotlight.

Tenth graders Lindsey Norman and Paige Cox needed a project for their EAST class at Westside High School.

Their teacher, Ms. Brooke Chapman, found an article in the November edition of Oprah Magazine about GlamourGals.

She showed it to her students and they ran with it.

GlamourGals is a foundation that donates beauty products to be used in senior citizen communities.

"We heard in a magazine that ladies in a nursing home didn't get very much company and they were lonely," Cox said.

Knowing they could make a difference in Jonesboro, the girls reached out to GlamourGals, paid the joining fee, and got a chapter started at Westside.

GlamourGals sent them a bag full of products including lotion, nail polish, brushes, and makeup.

"We went over Christmas break and did our first GlamourGals thing," Cox said.

They visited women at the Craighead Nursing Center.

"It's really heartwarming knowing you can make a difference in someone's life," Norman said.

Making a difference was as simple as talking to the women, painting their nails, and giving them hand massages.

"It was a great experience," Cox said. "Just seeing them be happy and loving it, it was just like really boosted your own confidence."

Because the project was such a success, Chapman decided to email Oprah Magazine to thank them.

"We were really shocked because Ms. Chapman was just going to email them and say hey we really appreciate you putting this advertisement in here because we got a lot from it at our school," Norman said.

But that email got published in the Lets Talk! section of February's issue.

"I'm a high school teacher, and my students wanted to do a community service project with a nursing home," said the email published in Oprah Magazine. "After I read "The Beauty of Giving" (November), I told them all about GlamourGals, the organization where young volunteers offer makeovers and companionship to women living in senior facilities. My students contacted the group and started a chapter at our school. I can't wait to see the impact that working with the women will have on the teenagers. Thank you for the inspiration."

Below the paragraph, it reads "Brooke Chapman, Jonesboro, Arkansas".

While all of them were excited to see their project get some national recognition, it is the future of the project they are really looking forward to.

Cox and Norman hope to expand and visit more senior living facilities in Region 8 while also including the guys at their high school.

Norman said one of their friends, Carson, was also in need of a project.

Their project is now a collaborative effort called GlamourGals and Pals.

Young men will join the young women and spend time with the men at the senior living facilities.

Norman said she hopes this is a project that goes on even after they graduate while also inspiring other schools to give back.

For more information on GlamourGals, click here.

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