A Family for Me: Jakayla, Javeon, Jniya, and Jakeria

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Four siblings - Jakayla, Javeon, Jniya, and Jakeria - are all a little different from each other.

According to the oldest sister, the youngest, Jakayla, talks a lot and has a sweet tooth, "she loves to eat. Candy mostly."

Next is Javion. He had a smile from ear-to-ear the entire time we all hung out.

"Javeon is eight years old and he is bright and friendly.  He loves basketball. He loves chicken nuggets. And can be a little sneaky at times, Adoption Specialist Tracy Holloway said.

The older sisters are a little more reserved and really close in age, but not twins, like some assume.

"Jakeria is ten years old. She is very helpful and has good organizational skills. She is sometimes really shy, but she can warm up quickly. Jniya, she is nine years old and she is friendly and cooperative and wants to help out her brothers and sisters," Holloway says.

Four kids bonded by blood and looking to spend the rest of their childhood together.

"The goal is adoption. And our goal is to place all four siblings together in the same adoptive family. Right now, they're separated in three different homes and so they just have to have frequent visits with each other until we can find their permanent family," Holloway said.

As you might imagine, finding a home for one can be challenging, but finding a home for four is an enormous task.

"The challenge is that there is four of them and just finding the right family that can take on four children ages six to ten is going to be a challenge. But we are committed and determined there is a family out there for these four children," Holloway said.

While it is a difficult task, DCFS employees understand how important it is to at least try to keep them together.

"I don't want to get twenty years down the road and have a child come back and say 'you took me away from my brother and sister. That's all I had left," Holloway said.

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