JPD: Chicken restaurant worker crossed road to escape arrest

JPD: Chicken restaurant worker crossed road to escape arrest

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Why did the chicken restaurant worker cross the road? According to police, to escape arrest.

Jonesboro police arrested Lytea Craig, 22, Wednesday on suspicion of fleeing and theft of property-credit/debit cards.

Craig, who worked at Popeye's, 1323 Red Wolf, is accused of stealing a customer's debit card and using it to make unauthorized purchases.

According to court records, the man reported his card missing on Jan. 15. He told police he last used it at the restaurant.

Security video showed Craig take the card for purchase, according to the probable cause affidavit, but instead of handing it back to the victim she placed it on top of the cash register.

"Some time later toward the end of her shift, video shows Craig take the card off of the register and place it in her left pocket," the documents said. "The unauthorized charges showed up that evening and the next day."

On Wednesday, officers learned that Craig was back at work and went to speak with her.

When the manager called her name, Craig reportedly ran out the back door of the building and led police on a foot chase approximately one block, crossing five lanes of traffic. The chase ended in the parking lot of a local business on East Nettleton Avenue.

After reviewing the affidavit, a special judge found probable cause Thursday to charge her and placed her bond at $3,000. Craig is due in circuit court to answer the charges on Feb. 26.

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