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Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin visits A-State's Beck PRIDE Center

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After hearing about the services Arkansas State University’s Beck PRIDE Center provides to students and veterans, the Lt. Governor of Arkansas had to see it for himself.

Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin did just that Thursday afternoon as he paid a visit to the facility all the while learning about the different resources provided to combat wounded veterans.

Those resources include first-class educational programs, counseling, personal rehabilitation and more. 

As a veteran himself, this was something Griffin said he is very proud of.

“If anybody thinks this is something at every university, they are wrong,” said Griffin. “It is not. This is a treasure. This is rare and we ought to make it known more around the state and around the country because this is what we ought to be doing.”

He later received a briefing on the veterans' program by Lynda Nash, the center director.

Griffin said the main thing he loved about the Beck Pride Center is that it is a place for students and veterans to come and feel like they belong in this society.

“Having a place they feel like they belong is important,” said Griffin. “So often as vets, we get out and we don’t feel like we belong in society. That is the difficult part about getting out. With a place like this, it is great to have students and veterans come together and share their experiences on a relatable level.”

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