New officer, truck hits the streets

CAVE CITY, AR (KAIT) - Cave City police are adding new equipment and a new officer to its department, with the town's mayor saying Friday that both will help the community.

According to Mayor Jonas Anderson, Lt. David Edwards is being transitioned into the department's School Resource Officer role while Kevin Rose has been hired to fill the patrol position that Edwards is leaving open by moving to the school.

The department also bought new equipment and a truck for Edwards to use.

Anderson said the department will be able to use the truck better than a conventional police vehicle due to the town's terrain.

"Mainly because there are a few times throughout the year, different situations that it would be handy to use a truck," Anderson said. "One instance, you know, we have an agreement with the humane society where we can take animals like strays to them and that's a good thing."

Rose will attend the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy later this year and will go through training with the department's other officers, Anderson said.

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