Foundation gets new tool for training law enforcement

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Thanks to a grant, the Stop the Bleeding Foundation now has a new tool to help with training law enforcement.

The foundation purchased a TOM Mannequin with some of the grant money from Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield's Blue and You Foundation.

The mannequin was used in training for the first time on Saturday.

The iPad-controlled mannequin makes training even more realistic for officers.

"It's extremely life-like, it weighs 180 pounds just like a real person," said President of the foundation, Dr. Spencer Guinn. "The skin feels real, it can talk, it breathes, it bleeds and you can even do very advanced surgical procedures on it, this is a game changer."

He said officers at the training were already noticing the benefits.

"When they show up and they get into character," he said. "They feel like they're working on a real patient and that way when they're on the street and something happens they've already been exposed to it."

The grant is also helping the foundation provide free training for 600 members of law enforcement in 2018.

Guinn said the group will also use some of the money to give out 900 individual first aid kits to law enforcement.

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