Student arrested after graffiti prompts lockdown drill

Student arrested after graffiti prompts lockdown drill

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) - Police in Newport say a student was arrested after the school conducted a lockdown drill over an apparent prank.

According to the Newport Police Department, an unnamed 16-year-old student was arrested Friday following the incident on Wednesday.

An investigation was conducted after high school staff found graffiti in a restroom which was described as "threatening in nature."

The school's administration conducted a lockdown drill, police said. The school campus was lifted from lockdown "a short time later."

Newport officers, as well as other local and state law enforcement agencies, will continue to provide extra security for the school.

However, the department stated Friday it "does not feel that there is any legitimate threat to the safety of anyone at the school" and the incident was stated to have been done "as a prank."

The investigation will be submitted to Prosecuting Attorney Henry Boyce for review and a determination of formal charges to be filed, police stated.

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