Paragould and Greene County Tech Show off New Facilities

August 18, 2005--Posted at 5:45 p.m. CST


PARAGOULD--Paragould and Greene County Tech may be rivals, but they both have one thing in common.  They both have new facilities to offer to their students this year. 


Greene County Tech is still showing off its new primary school facility.  This is actually the second year they’ve been in the building, but this year the facility has new features to offer. 


 The building has a state of the art video security system, new awnings, and will soon have an expanded parking lot.  It’s certainly something the principal is proud to show off. 


“The halls are color coded,” Principal Joe Ed Smith said.  “Each grade has a different color floor tile and different trim style so the child knows what hall he’s on.” 

The school is also sporting a new locker room for its football team – something they’ve needed for quite some time. 


“We’ve had so many young football players in a limited amount of space,” Coach Mark Ford said.  “And, at times we had three Jr. High kids in one locker.” 


Coach Ford says the new dressing room is certainly something the school takes pride in.

Meanwhile, Paragould High School has a brand new track and football field to show off. 


 “Kids love to be on it,” Coach Brian Carter said,  “We’ve had a lot of teams coming in…to practice on it… So, people are excited to be on it.” 


The team has been able to practice on its new field, but this football season will be the first season playing on it.  Coach Carter says he thinks having a new home advantage will help them this season.

Paragould High and Green County Tech will kick off their football seasons by playing against each other.  The game will take place at 7:30 p.m. at Paragould High School.