Man arrested on dozens of charges related to car break-ins

Man arrested on dozens of charges related to car break-ins
Courtney Deshawn Daniels (Source: Craighead County Sheriff's Department)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Jonesboro man is behind bars on a half-million dollar bond after police identified him as the suspect in a series of car break-ins, dating back to November 2017.

Courtney Deshawn Daniels, 24, of Jonesboro, appeared before Craighead County District Court Judge David Boling Thursday on more than two dozen charges related to the crimes.

During that first court appearance, various officers from multiple agencies filed probable cause affidavits against Daniels' detailing his alleged crimes.

According to one affidavit, police were able to identify Daniels as the suspect in a string of vehicle break-ins from Nov. 19 to Nov. 28, 2017. In those break-ins, victims reported their wallets and purses were stolen and later fraudulently used at the same stores.

Police note the time between the break-ins and the time the cards were used was too short of a time for the cards to be passed off to someone else.

"Upon reviewing the video of the suspects from each case the same suspects can be seen using the victim's stolen cards to make various purchases at Walmart, Target and Game Exchange," an affidavit states.

Police say Daniels was developed as a suspect, as well as Chelsea Cannady. Cannady, who is described as Daniels' wife in one affidavit, and his fiancé in another, owns the vehicle Daniels was seen driving in various surveillance videos.

Cannady, 22, of Conway, was booked into the Craighead County Detention Center on Jan. 12 for a count of theft by receiving.

An affidavit states the next time Daniels was caught on camera using another victim's credit/debit cards was on Dec. 4, 2017.

Detectives with the Brookland Police Department received a complaint that a handbag had been stolen from their vehicle. That victim then contacted the bank and learned the card was used that morning at a Jonesboro Walmart. Investigators later reviewed surveillance footage from Walmart.

"This footage showed the suspect arriving in a grey Mazda sedan, entering and attempting to purchase a video game console at the electronics department, and then leaving in the same grey Mazda sedan," the affidavit states. "The suspect, while at the counter, can be seen shuffling through a stack of multiple credit/debit cards. When the transaction was declined for the purchase amount ($229), the suspect had cash tendered for a pre-approved amount of $11.46."

The same victim later reported her drivers' license and Discover card was found at a car wash in the Hilltop area of Jonesboro. Detectives also went to view that surveillance video.

"Surveillance footage showed the same Mazda sedan go through the car wash, and showed the suspect discarding the stolen handbag into a trash can," court documents state.

Police were able to get partial car tag information from the footage and learned the same vehicle and suspect were involved in multiple cases with the same pattern in Jonesboro.

A month later, Daniels was caught on a home surveillance system breaking into a car in the 6000-block of Beaver Creek, police said. That affidavit states Daniels stole a firearm from one vehicle, then broke the window of a car across the street. Police say nothing was taken from the second car.

On Jan. 30, a bench warrant was issued for Daniels' arrest. Daniels, who is also a felon on probation, was located at a home in the 1200-block of Oakdale.

"During the search of the residence a debit card that did not belong to Daniels was located," the affidavit states.

The debit card returned to a victim from Jacksonville, Arkansas. Police in Jacksonville confirmed that debit card was reported stolen on Jan. 22.

Daniels was then booked into the Craighead County Detention Center.

Court documents show he faces 25 charges, only one of which is a misdemeanor.

Judge Boling set his bond at $500,000 cash or surety. His next court date is March 30.

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