New Theater Opens In A Murky Market

August 18, 2005--Posted at 10:30 PM CST

PARAGOULD-- Over 300 people celebrated the grand opening of the Paragould Cinema 8 Multiplex tonight. With ticket sales down across the country this year, some in Paragould are hoping to turn the trend around; at least in Region 8.

All it took was scissors and the newest family attraction in Paragould was open. The Paragould Cinema 8 is a state of the art theater catering to the family, a needed demographic for a struggling market.

Attendance in theaters is down by 10% percent across the country. This years box office bombs and last years moral wrapped pictures The Passion and Fahrenheit 911 are to blame because their impressive numbers skewed the stats.

So the question is, why open up a business that has such a bleak future?

"This theater is going to cater to the family. It is always going to be clean and safe and is going to cater to the family as I said," said William Pollack, Owner of Cinema 8.

Pollack says the future of the Cinema business relies on Hollywood.

"The theatre industry takes it's ups and downs and it a tremendous industry. It does over 9 billion a year in box office sales. Whether we do good in the business or not has to do with the product coming out of Hollywood," says Pollack.

The difference in watching a movie at home and watching it in the theater is what they want to cash in on.

"I think it all boils down to service. I think that if people can sit at home and pop a bag of popcorn, because a lot of the movie theaters didn't take the time to make sure it taste right. It all falls down to is making sure your people do the right thing and people like to go to the movies," says General Manager Bobby Wilson.

The future of the Cinema rely's on people staying awake and wanting a piece of that old fashion, family fun.

The theatre is expected to be sold out for at least the next week, and will be open to the public tomorrow night. For more information of show times, log onto