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City expands sewer lines for new businesses

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The city of Bono will soon expand their sewer lines near Highway 63 in an effort to attract more businesses to the area.

“This will be west of 63,” said Mayor Danny Shaw. “We put a 1,500-foot sewer line down there three years ago to entice more business and it worked. It is still working.”

Shaw said someone bought property there to put two commercial buildings.

“We are now going to run 541 feet of sewer lines for their service and for more businesses down the line,” said Shaw.

A special called meeting was held to determine if they were going to do the work themselves or hire a contractor.

“If we hire a contractor, it would cost us at least $18,000 but up to $25,000,” said Shaw. “If we do it ourselves, it will be cheaper like less than $10,000.”

The council unanimously voted to do the work in-house to save money. Shaw said it will be worth it in the end.

“We just keep laying things out there and hoping that people will take the bait and open a business in our city,” said Shaw. “It is working at a good rate right now. I just see we are investing in our future and trying to lay the groundwork for a better city.”

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