Cursive writing law draws interest

Cursive writing law draws interest

PULASKI COUNTY, AR (KAIT/KARK) - Some students may think it is a kind of calligraphy while some may consider it to be hieroglyphics.

But a state law requiring students to learn cursive writing in the third grade shows why the writing is important to know in a modern world, a central Arkansas teacher said this week.

According to a report from Little Rock television station KARK, students in second and third grades at Sylvan Hills Elementary School are learning cursive writing this year.

"We're going to make that first 'C' and we're going to make a fluid motion to go up and make that second 'C'," Ms. Lunin told students during the class. Lunin said it is sometimes disheartening that older students did not get the opportunity to learn cursive writing, with some students not even knowing how to sign their name in cursive.

KARK sat down with six Sylvan Hills High School students to ask them what they know about cursive writing.

The opinions were mixed.

"I like did the thing where you trace it," a student said.

"I don't really think we'll really need to know it," another student said.

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