Fight at school has parents worried

Fight at school has parents worried

WEST MEMPHIS, AR (KAIT/WREG) - A fight at an area school this week had two girls arrested as a witness said one of the girls took off her pants because they were too tight to fight in, according to a report from a Memphis television station.

The fight also has local parents worried as well.

CNN affiliate and Memphis television station WREG reported that police went to the Academies of West Memphis gym due to the fight around lunchtime. The witness, who told authorities that the fight happened due to an argument over a relationship problem,  reportedly told authorities that the girl said, "My pants is tight, let me take them off."

The girl was then slammed into a nearby trophy case, according to a video obtained by the station.

The fight also drew concern of Aretha Poney. She said there needs to be more police on campus.

"I hope they continue the security because they have a lot of students there, and one or two police officers just can't handle it," Poney said.

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