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Winter takes toll on tornado sirens, crews at work ahead of tornado season

(Source: KAIT) (Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT) (Source: KAIT)

Crews began work on tornado sirens in Jonesboro Monday as winter has taken its toll on sirens. 

According to Jeff Presley, Jonesboro E-911 coordinator, the cold temperatures are to blame for sirens repairs.

The weather took a toll on the sirens’ batteries.

Thanks to Jonesboro City Water and Lights, the company provided Safety Com employees a bucket truck to do maintenance work on the 33 tornado sirens in Jonesboro city limits.

Crews replaced two radios in connection with the sirens and tested others.

Presley said the work is an effort to stay ahead of tornado season which is just around the corner.

“We want all 33 sirens ready to go and ready to work if we need them,” Presley said.

As tornado season approaches, now is a good time for people to utilize the city’s storm shelter registry.

It’s a format that ties your address to a file, and that information is given to first responders for search and rescue purposes.

“We don’t have to rely on the street signs or the landmarks, we have a GIS system that will find that address,” Presley said. “If we have that big tornado or something or a disaster, we can use this to find you.”

You can register your safe room, basement or storm shelter here

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