Council to consider "cluster housing" zoning ordinance

Council to consider "cluster housing" zoning ordinance

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The city of Jonesboro is looking to extend a $400,000 loan for the Miracle League.

It will be the second time in two years they have extended the loan.

According to Jonesboro Communications Director Bill Campbell, Mayor Harold Perrin is seeking a public/private partnership to help pay off the loan.

The ordinance states the note will be extended until Feb. 5, 2019, and the interest rate would stay the same.

That will be discussed during a special-called Finance and Administration Committee meeting on Tuesday.

Following that meeting, the full city council will consider adding a new zoning designation to the city.

The ordinance looks to describe "cluster housing" as a new zoning designation in Jonesboro. Per that ordinance, lots must be at least 25 feet wide.

The ordinance would also allow for the homes to be relatively close together with larger areas of open space, or common ground.

One resident has already spoken out about the zoning, stating it allows for "tiny houses" to be built in town.

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