JPD now issuing special events application

(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - People wanting to host a special event in Jonesboro will now have a slightly different way of applying for a permit.

According to Jonesboro Police Chief Rick Elliott, citizens can go straight to the police department to pick up a special events application rather than have to go to the city collector's office for one.

"Recently we have modified the application," said Elliott. "Sometimes during different events, extra resources and personnel are required for scheduling so now we can be more sufficient when an event is going on."

Elliott said these events are not your typical party or wedding celebrations.

"Basically an application is required for special events that may require roadblocks, traffic control or extra security like fun runs or barbeque festivals," said Elliott.

One of the main changes to this process is that applicants will have to pay the overtime fee for additional officers working outside of their shift schedules.

"It is $25 per hour for an officer to work a minimum of 2 hours, so officers can make an extra $50," said Elliott. "There was one time in the past where we used to do these overtime hours out of our budget but because of budget cuts, we can't do that anymore."

Elliott said they are more than happy to help out whenever they can.

To pick up an application, visit their department's records division.

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