Greene County miscanthus field caught on fire Tuesday

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(Source: KAIT)
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GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Another miscanthus field fire has again brought up concerns about safety.

The latest fire happened on State Highway 168, which is just off of Highway 228 between Sedgwick and Light.

The Western Greene County Fire Department responded to the bales on fire around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday.

This one makes the third miscanthus fire in just three months in Region 8.

A large field of the flammable crop was set on fire in Paragould in late November.

Then in January, several fire crews battled a 150-acre miscanthus field that was set ablaze in Egypt.

Another similarity between all of these fires is that they were likely intentionally set by someone, officials say.

Miscanthus grass can be used to create biofuel, which means it burns very fast and hot, just like gasoline would.

Western Greene County Fire Chief James Potter said he doesn't know who set the fire, but they need to understand that it creates a dangerous situation.

"We've been lucky," Potter said. "There have been dozens of firefighters at these scenes and nobody's been hurt that I'm aware of. It could cost a life one of these days and that's getting real serious."

Even after freezing rain Tuesday night, the bales that had been set on fire were still burning Wednesday afternoon.

Potter believes there might be copycats setting these fields on fire since the crop has gotten publicity, but he wants people to now it is a serious and dangerous crime.

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