Woman uses officer's radio to save his life during fight with suspect

(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

MARKED TREE (KAIT) - A Marked Tree woman helped save the life of an officer fighting a robbery suspect to the ground.

Just days ago, Sergeant Eric Jackson chased a robbery suspect after the unidentified man led him on a foot chase on Pecan Street in Marked Tree.

"After I advised the suspect to take his hands out of his pockets and to let me pat him down to make sure he didn't have any weapons, he passively kept resisting," Jackson said. "After an unsuccessful attempt at deploying my taser, the subject took off running and led me on a foot chase for approximately over 100 yards."

Jackson and the suspect tussled to the ground near Lauren Kincaid's home.

In an audio clip released to Region 8 News, you can hear Jackson's demands to the suspect and Kincaid approaching the officer.

"I came outside and at first, I thought it was just two men fighting," she said. "Then I saw it was an officer and I asked him if he needed my help."

The woman grabbed Jackson's radio that he couldn't reach for help.

"I told her to snatch it, and she snatched it," Jackson said.

Kincaid called for help over the officer's radio.

"She was able to tell dispatch the exact location," Jackson said.

First responders then arrived and the suspect was taken into custody.

On Wednesday, Marked Tree Police Chief Michael Matlock and Sergeant Jackson awarded Kincaid at a ceremony that other officers and her family members attended.

"This is a certificate of appreciation awarded to Lauren Kincaid," Matlock said during the ceremony. "Your efforts prevented an officer and other citizens from being harmed. Take no small measure in what you did. We thank you."

Kincaid was also treated with cake and ice cream, but most importantly, both Jackson and Kincaid agreed they bridged a gap with trust.

"She potentially saved my life," Jackson said. "Her life could have been put in danger and she put that on the line and I appreciate it."

"He's a cool dude, a really good person," Kincaid said. "Who wouldn't help an officer on the ground."

Jackson said the suspect's name has not been released because the case is still under investigation.

After getting the suspect in custody, Jackson learned he had a sword on him.

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