Jonesboro Unlimited: city adds 1,200+ jobs in 2017

Jonesboro Unlimited: city adds 1,200+ jobs in 2017
(Source: Jonesboro Unlimited)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The city of Jonesboro is on track to add thousands of new jobs to the city by the year 2021.

In 2016, Jonesboro Unlimited announced its Momentum Jonesboro campaign. The five-year strategic plan called for creating 5,153 new jobs by 2021. Of those, they set a goal for 2,500 to be direct new jobs.

On Thursday, Jonesboro Unlimited announced the addition of more than 1,200 new full-time jobs in 2017. Those jobs came from five target industries Jonesboro Unlimited identified through their campaign.

"The creation of over 1,200 new, high-paying jobs in our five target industries in the first year of our strategic plan is very encouraging," Jonesboro Unlimited President Mark Young said. "It represents a strong start to the ambitious goal we set in 2016. The creation of these new jobs shows Jonesboro's economic base continues to thrive."

According to Jonesboro Unlimited's annual Inventory of New and Expanded Industries survey, the city added 597 new healthcare jobs, 549 new manufacturing jobs, 64 professional services jobs, 34 logistics jobs and 24 jobs in the agricultural industry.

"The survey also represents how local employers are reinvesting in Jonesboro. Spending on capital investment topped $100 million dollars in 2017," a press release said Thursday.

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