Company presents special phone service for first responders

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - AT&T and Apex Communications held a special meeting for first responders on Thursday.

The meeting was held so that more first responders would know about a service called First Net.

The service is designed specifically for first responders.

It ensures that calls from first responders are always able to get through on their cell phones.

First responders who are signed up for the service get special discounts and a free phone, but most importantly, a special SIM card for their phones.

The SIM card helps make sure their calls are a priority in the event of a major emergency.

One woman said it would be beneficial for her job and likely many others.

"When we have a major catastrophe, cell phones jam up because they're so many people using their cell phones," said Assistant Director of Lawrence County 911, Yvonda Layton.

"It would put us first to make a call out to get help," Layton said.

Around 20 first responders attended the presentation about the service.

Representatives from AT&T said they hoped to get the word out about the service so that more first responders would take advantage of its benefits.

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