AR veteran needs help finding lost support dog

AR veteran needs help finding lost support dog

LITTLE ROCK, AR (KAIT/KARK) - An Arkansas veteran needs help finding his lost support dogs.

Sgt. Michael Kane of Malvern said his support dog, a year-old boxer named Buddy, and his chihuahua sidekick ran off.

According to KARK, Sgt. Kane was injured in 2009 when an IED explosion injured him.

Elizabeth Kane says the boxer also helped ease the nightmares and calm his anxiety but he's also helped the whole family.

She says that social media has been a huge help and there have been reported sightings of these two pups together from Malvern to Little Rock.

Both males are microchipped and neutered.

If you think you can help bring home this veteran's pups, please call (501) 467-5010.

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