Some pharmacies dealing with Tamiflu shortage

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(Source: KAIT)
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The flu is affecting thousands this winter season, but it could also be affecting the stock of a commonly prescribed medicine used for treatment.

According to a St. Bernards pharmacist, this is likely affecting smaller local pharmacies.

While the St. Bernards pharmacy has plenty of Tamiflu in stock, not everyone is as fortunate.

Pharmacy Director James Welborn said the hospital has a good relationship with their Tamiflu retailer and could have more stock within a week if they run out.

The hospital also always orders their stock based on the previous year's need which helps them keep Tamiflu available for patients.

"Specifically with retail pharmacies, it may just be a matter of not ordering enough to keep in stock," Welborn said.  "A lot of times a physician will order for the patient who is sick and then for their family."

He said this could negatively affect an unprepared pharmacy's Tamiflu stock.

"Instead of getting one prescription you could have four or five and then that would reduce the stock that the retail pharmacy has on its shelf," he added.

He said currently the hospital is not at risk of running out of Tamiflu.

However, Welborn said there are other options for patients who can't get Tamiflu, such as homeopathic remedies and effective over-the-counter medicines that are available.

He suggests working with your physician to find the right solution if Tamiflu isn't an option.

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