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Hospital adding extra protocols during flu season

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With the flu ravaging the country this season, hospitals are taking precautions when it comes to their employees.

St. Bernards Medical Center in Jonesboro is no exception.

The hospital made flu shots mandatory for all of its employees several years ago.

According to Sarah Lowtharp, a registered nurse, there are several special protocols taking place throughout the course of flu season.

"Currently, everybody, every patient that comes in that does have a flu-like illness is placed in isolation," Lowtharp said. "So, all healthcare workers will wear a mask, we encourage all visitors to wear a mask if they're going to visit the patient."

Lowtharp said all staff members must wear gloves when in contact with flu patients.

With several employees missing time this year due to the flu, St. Bernards also prepared by adding extra staffing during major flu outbreaks.

Employees with the flu must also be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to work, and if an employee gets sick, then they are immediately taken to the employee health center.

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