Small town mayors hope for transportation funding

(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin at meeting (Source: KAIT)
Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin at meeting (Source: KAIT)

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - A meeting held in Craighead County has some small town leaders hopeful for transportation funding.

A Region 8 News crew attended the NEA Regional Transportation Planning Commission's quarterly policy committee meeting Tuesday.

Erica Tait, the director of NARTPC led the meeting. The most discussed item was the Transportation Improvement Program.

"We are working on compiling the Transportation Improvement Program list for 2019-2022," Tait said.

Mayors from across Craighead County attended the meeting where they discussed the proposed list of short-term transportation projects seeking federal funding.

The majority of the items listed is out of Jonesboro; however, Bono Mayor Danny Shaw attended the meeting and was a voice for his community.

"This is an organization that works to unify our region," Shaw said. "A lot of the things done here and talked about here concerns Jonesboro because Jonesboro's the bigger city. But all the cities have an opportunity to get our projects in the mix too."

Shaw expressed the road projects he would like to get federal funding for, but as of now, those items have not made it on the list.

"We've got some projects that we hope to get on that list that we are looking at and see if we can get some federal funding for them," Shaw said. "Those would be street projects, Michael Street for one that we have plans drawn up for."

So far numerous projects are listed including major widening of streets and adding bicycle lanes to area roads.

"The nice thing about compiling this list is that it's not final," Tait said. "We won't be working on any of them until we get them documented."

The committee plans to have public commenting periods in the summer.

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