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Craighead Co District Court develops new app

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Craighead County District Court is using technology to help residents pay court fines and lower the number of failure to appears.

“We have been working on this since I took office,” said Tommy Fowler, district court judge. “Everyone doesn’t have a computer but everyone has a phone.”

Fowler said they asked a developer by the name of Brad Nelson to produce an application for them.

“It is called Craighead County District Court,” said Fowler. “It is set up for iPhone and Android. All you have to do is go to the app store and download it.”

The app has several features that provide information to users.

“You can pull it up under your name, social security number or your ticket number,” said Fowler. “You can pay your fines and costs and never have to come to the court to do so. You can find the locations of the courtrooms, hours of operation even during inclement weather, and you can even link to the Legal Aid website for those representing themselves on cases.”

Fowler said he is extremely proud of the work that went into this project because they are the first in the state to have an app like this.

“It didn’t cost a dime,” said Fowler. “This is basically the first trial run of this app and if it is successful the developer will take it to other areas in need of it.”

Fowler said the next step is to incorporate push notifications.

“This will help remind people of their next court dates or when their payments are due,” said Fowler. “I always say the more information the better and if we can make it easier for people to get all the information available that they need then it has to be better for everyone.”

The app, Craighead County District Court, is free and can be found in your app store on your Android or Apple mobile device.

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