Couple uses flames of passion to cook healthy

Couple uses flames of passion to cook healthy

(KAIT/NBC) - It's a river city love story decades in the making.

Jeffrey and LaZondra Griggs have raised two children in their 20 years of marriage.

When this St. Louis-area woman recently found herself struggling with dangerously high blood pressure, her husband decided to encourage diet and exercise changes for them.

"I made vows to her, so part of it is to make her better, do everything I can to make sure she's here and her quality of life is where we need it to be," Jeffrey said.

The couple's transformation is paying off.

With help from the right medications, LaZondra's blood pressure is under control.

She's also noticed a decrease in other weight-related health problems, like acid reflux.

Learn symptoms and risks of high blood pressure from the American Heart Association.

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