City creates alert notification system for residents

TUCKERMAN, AR (KAIT) - Tuckerman residents will soon have a way to be notified before the waterlines have to be shut off.

This comes after several complaints to city hall on not being warned when residents have to go without water for certain situations.

"It is called Alertexpress," said Tuckerman Mayor David Dixon. "You know whether it is 30 minutes or one hour with the water being turned off, you are going to get calls."

Dixon said the complaints would keep the phones at city hall ringing non-stop.

"They would call and some would say, 'I'm in the shower! I'm wet with soap in my hair! Why did you turn my water off without calling me?' You know we just can't call 800 residents and tell them in 15 minutes' time that we are about to shut the water off."

Dixon said the police department and the fire department came up with a system called Alertexpress, that will notify residents of future waterline shutoffs.

"We need people to sign up," said Dixon. "This program is through Justice Exchange so it's not costing anything. This will alert people that they have 15 minutes before the water is shut down due to a water break. It will let them know of an outage scheduled for tomorrow or in a week that will take place due to a repair."

If you sign up, Dixon said you may also receive Amber Alerts, tornado warnings, missing person alerts, and possibly alerts about people who are wanted.

"This may deter people from wanting to sign up but it can be a really good thing and can stop a lot of complaining," said Dixon.

To sign up, residents will need to provide their name, address and phone number to the police department or Tuckerman City Hall.

Dixon said residents will be able to sign up for the program starting Thursday and he hopes to have the system up and running in two weeks.

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