Survey says jail employee turnover rate is going up

Survey says jail employee turnover rate is going up

PULASKI COUNTY, AR (KAIT/KARK) - The job may provide a career path for people interested in law enforcement but may be considered too dangerous for some people.

However, officials in Central Arkansas say fast food restaurants are providing better pay than the job.

According to a report from KARK, area detention centers are having trouble keeping employees. Right now, Pulaski County is looking to hire at least 14 employees at their jail but are having trouble finding people to take the job.

The starting salary in Pulaski County is about $33,000, KARK reported, which is near the top of the salary scale while jail employees in Lonoke County make about $21,000 a year.

Capt. David Bufford, who works as an office captain with the Lonoke County Sheriff's Office, said the low salary problems can create huge issues.

"We've lost some to White County because they pay more. We lost several to Pulaski County because they pay a whole lot more, or we've lost some to Walmart or McDonald's. It's frustrating," Bufford said.

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