HUB in need of 10 car seats for homeless families

(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Helping the Underserved Belong in Jonesboro or the HUB has seen a rise in homeless families without car seats needing to travel to and from places.

"There is a demand, " said Kim Bartee, a volunteer for the organization. "There is a demand for these seats because federal funding has been cut and we are not able to go to places like the police department or fire department to get them."

According to Bartee, several of these homeless families with children live in their cars but are without car seats.

"We want to make sure while we are helping them they are able to transport their kids without getting into any further legal issues," said Bartee. "Our services provide jobs for these families and most are in transit so if we can get these seats donated, we can help them out a lot."

Bartee said this is a one time deal where they are looking for 10 donors.

"We only need 10 individual seats," said Bartee. "We would prefer having brand new seats because there are certain standards and regulations we have to abide by in state laws."

Bartee said more than anything this is meant to keep these families safe.

"It is very much a liability to have your kid outside a car seat," said Bartee. "That is child endangerment and we don't want to see that in our community as well as these folks are already beating down and in need of as much help and assistance we could give them."

She said to make sure they don't get too many or any duplicates if you would like to donate call the HUB's office at 870-333-5731 to see what is needed and what they already have.

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