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Debate over what lawmakers can do to prevent shootings

(Source: KARK) (Source: KARK)
(Source: KARK) (Source: KARK)
(Source: KARK) (Source: KARK)

People are debating what lawmakers should do to try to prevent a deadly attack like the Florida school shooting.

Nikolas Cruz, 19, has been charged in the deaths of 17 students and staff members at the school. He injured a dozen others.

According to KARK, Republican Representative Charlie Collins of Fayetteville believes a new law he pushed for could help deter these killers.

Collins’ law gives concealed carry holders with enhanced licenses the option to bring guns into more places like colleges and the state capitol.

"God forbid if they do show up pull out their weapon there could be somebody there that might be able to shoot back,” Collins said.

However, Democratic Representative Greg Leding, also of Fayetteville, disagrees.

“Everyone has a right to carry a firearm because of the 2nd amendment,” Leding said. “That’s fine but putting more guns in public spaces is only going to increase the odds that something happens."

Collins was asked what if they allowed guns on campuses that have K-12 graders, click here to see his response.

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