Cross County Sheriff: One of the infants found in suitcase was a male

CROSS COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The Cross County Sheriff's Office is investigating a disturbing case after deputies discovered the bodies of two newly born infants Friday.

According to a news release, the infants were found in a purple suitcase on a ditch bank along County Road 602.

The sheriff's office says this is an ongoing investigation and details about the case can't yet be released.

The discovery of the bodies has people in the area asking questions as to why something like this could happen.

"What really went through my mind was like, 'Wow', this is close to my home on Moar Road. Whoever did really need to be caught and brought to justice for it," Loenie Harris said.

"There are people wanting and there are people that would do for them. How can you kill two children," asked Lara Vina Evans. "Give them to someone. There are places. I am old but I would have got them to keep them from doing that."

Sheriff J.R. Smith told Region 8 News that the infants' bodies were sent to the state crime lab, and the sheriff said one of the babies was a male.

Sheriff Smith said detectives are working every lead that comes in and they have interviewed a large number of people, including but not limited to approximately 19 females and two males.

Smith said the females that were pregnant with twins have either had them and are still pregnant, had them and they are in DHS custody, or some died in the womb and medical documentation was provided.

Smith said the crime lab is working diligently but cases such as this take time.

Anyone with information about the identity of the babies, or a possible suspect, should contact the sheriff's office at 870-238-5700.

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