Bikers give special funeral escort to former Make-A-Wish kid

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PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Several bikers made their way across Paragould Friday as part of a special escort.

The biker community was there to show their respect as Tyler Howe, a former Make-A-Wish kid, was laid to rest.

"Tyler was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the age of five," Tyler's father, Ronnie Howe, said. "And it's something he never let hold him back."

His parents said Tyler could walk until he was about eight years old when he had to start using a wheelchair.

"After that, he went to a manual wheelchair and progressed on to automatic wheelchairs and things of that nature," Ronnie said.

Tyler eventually lost the ability to control his hands.

"But, he never complained," Ronnie said. "He never asked, ' Why me. He had faith in the Lord. He had a good heart and anybody that met Tyler, he left a lasting impression on them."

"He was always happy," Tyler's mom, Lisa Carter, added.

The 24-year-old had a love of motorcycles since he was young.

He was able to ride one time when his wish was granted.

"You could hear this rumble coming and we knew what it was but he didn't, so we told him to start listening," Ronnie said.

Local bikers came out to surprise Tyler when he was 11 years old.

"They came around the corner and, of course, Tyler made a bee-line for the motorcycles," Ronnie said. "He went out there and one of the gentlemen actually picked him up, put him on a helmet, and put him up front and they took him around town for a motorcycle ride and that was the highlight of the day."

A family member contacted the Saints and Sinners biker club to ask if they could help make Tyler's funeral a little more special and honor his love of motorcycles.

"I just got a hold of the guys in my club, they just asked for a couple bikes to show up, but in this community we have, we have the best biker community in the planet, not a lot of places have the bikers that show up," Saints and Sinners President Rocko said.

Not only did the Saints and Sinners show up, several different motorcycle clubs were represented.

"It seems like, you know, anything to do with Tyler, it just turns out big," Lisa said. "He just had that kind of aura around him. Everybody was drawn to him."

Nearly 50 bikers helped lead Tyler and his family to the cemetery.

"He's got the biker in him and that means he's a brother to us so we show respect and show love to the ones that follow us and we follow them," Rocko said.

Tyler's parents said it was amazing to see people go out of their way to show that love, attention, and respect for their son.

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