Sloan-Hendrix SRO reacts to recent school threat

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Several schools in Arkansas received threats of violence in the wake of the mass shooting at a Florida school.

The Sloan-Hendrix School District is among those schools that have dealt with a threat since the mass shooting.

School Resource Officer and Lawrence County Sheriff's Deputy Nicholas Dean said law enforcement and administration intervened when word spread that a student was speaking about a possible shooting incident happening at the school.

Two students related to the incident were removed from campus and taken to a facility as the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office investigated.

Dean said after mass school shootings, schools typically see more threat activity.

However, every threat made is investigated by the school and the sheriff's office.

"We always take every threat that comes to us as a serious situation," he said.  "It's just up to our investigation to know if these kids were just kidding around, but even if they are kidding around we still take each and every matter serious."

He said Sloan-Hendrix doesn't receive this kind of threat very often, but they are prepared to take action when they do.

He stressed the importance of parents speaking to their kids about the recent shooting in Florida.

Dean adds that students need to realize joking about school shootings will be taken seriously by law enforcement.

He said threats of violence are not a joking matter and they will be investigated by the sheriff's office.

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