Caraway water deposit on the rise

(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

CARAWAY, AR (KAIT) - Water deposits increased in Caraway by a pretty hefty amount Monday.

Mayor Barry Riley said the city passed a resolution for the change at the last council meeting.

"We haven't raised our deposits since 1990, so it's been 28 years since it's been addressed," Riley said.

It's a step Riley said city leaders felt they had to take.

"With our water rates, it's gotten to a point where $80 wouldn't cover a bill anymore," Riley said. "It won't cover more than one bill."

Riley said some of the people who move into Caraway then leave, also leave behind unpaid water bills.

In 2017, the city lost about $900 and this year they've already lost $400 because of that.

"Some of the people leaving us have more than one bill that they owe, we are losing money from their deposits trying to pay their bills after they leave us," he said.

Water deposits are now $150 in Caraway; however, Riley said this does not impact existing residents.

Residents who abide by the city rules will get their deposits back when they move out of the city.

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