Oh deer!: Buck crashes into college dorm

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - Wildlife got a little too close for comfort on a local college campus.

Staff members at Williams Baptist College say a young male deer crashed into the Southerland Residence Hall on Monday.

The collision sent glass into the dorm as the scared animal also hit furniture while going through a lobby.

Brett Cooper, public relations for WBC, tells Region 8 News the deer proceeded down a secondary lobby, then a hallway before ending up in a restroom where it kicked a door closed.

A maintenance man covered the deer with a blanket to calm it down. Then, Cooper says the deer's legs were tied up and it was taken out of the dorm.

Officers with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission were contacted to examine the deer.

According to Cooper, the deer sustained cuts to the head and front shoulder due to the glass. However, the animal was able to be released into a nearby wooded area.

WBC Dean of Students Amber Grady says no students were injured when the deer came through the dorm.

AGFC told college staffers something may have spooked the deer while it was on campus causing it to run into the window.

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