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Lepanto Elementary makes change to security protocol

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The East Poinsett County School District announced a small change in protocol at one of its elementary schools Tuesday.

At Lepanto Elementary School, the doors to the building will now be locked throughout the school day to control who is in the halls.

Before, a door to the preschool and the door to the office was unlocked at the school for parents to come in.

Now, those doors are locked and every visitor must be let into the office.

“We just wanted to make it where we know who's coming in, who's going out, and we’re the ones seeing them first,” Dean of Students Hunter Bryan said.

Parents will either stay in the office while their students are called there or the parent may be escorted to the classroom or cafeteria by a school employee.

This also applies to preschoolers, who could previously be checked out at their classroom.

“I have talked with my Pre-K teachers and aids and they will now be bringing them down with all their stuff and their sign-out sheet,” Bryan said. “So, from here on out, there shouldn’t be any parents in our hallways.”

Bryan said parents expect their children to be safe when they send them to school each day, so that is the goal of the Lepanto Elementary staff.

“And we’re doing everything necessary to protect them,” he said. 

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