Blind man makes t-shirt rugs for homeless dogs

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(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - A blind man made it his mission to take one man's trash and turn it into another's treasure.

Dale Bradfield lives in Clay County where he started a project to help homeless dogs.

He suddenly went blind two years ago but didn't let that stop him from serving others.

"We've been working hard on these," Bradfield said.

He showed Region 8 News Tuesday rugs that he made for homeless dogs taken to shelters.

"It takes about 25 to 26 shirts to make one rug," he said.

Bradfield collects old t-shirts and ties the knots, while his daughter pulls them out in colors and helps him weave them together.

"He made some for us," Tena Petix, animal control officer with Kennett Humane Department, said. "A lot of the older dogs that we get it's more like a mat for them. Many of them come in with hip problems and stuff, so these will make it a lot better for them."

"I want to do something good, keep them warm when they need some warmth," Bradfield said.

Petix decided to help Bradfield continue his mission. She's set up a t-shirt collecting point for people to donate shirts they don't want anymore.

"It amazes me," she said. "He's blind and people see that as a big disability, but he didn't let that stop him."

The collection box is located at Kennett Veterinary Clinic, 1704 St. Francis Street in Kennett, MO.

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