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Greene Co. prepares for heavy rain

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With more rain to come in the forecast, like many counties in Region 8, Greene County is working overtime to prepare their roads.

“First thing we all did was, of course, pray that this stuff doesn’t hit us that bad,” said Rusty McMillon, Greene County judge.

According to McMillon, they have been out clearing ditches in case flooding is to come their way.

“We’ve been cleaning culverts from debris for our roadways,” said McMillon. “When we get a high volume of rain, we end up losing material on our roads. Especially near the biggest drainage areas around certain rivers.”

He says they usually budget in about $160,000 in their road budget but so far into 2018, they have already spent $30,000 from maintenance work they did during the winter weather.

“The winter was tough because we had a long freezing period and with that thawing and freezing it created a lot of soft spots that needed repairing,” said McMillon.

McMillon said it is all about making sure residents can travel safely.

“It is good to get a call from concerned residents about this culvert or that ditch that may look like it will fill up and not carry water well,” said McMillon. “We'll take that information and out and check that out with a backhoe or excavator or anything just to clear some debris out we will do it.”

The county is also applying for a 40,000 grant to help with their unpaved road project

McMillon said that will help them with limiting the amount of erosion and sediment runoff in their waterways

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