Mother's fight to protect son from murder trial ends bittersweet

(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
Kristy Finch (Source: KAIT)
Kristy Finch (Source: KAIT)

A mothers fight to protect her son from facing a murder trial and a jury ended bittersweet.

We took the deal, I could not play Russian Roulette with my child's life and place his life in 12 jurors hands, I couldn't do that, Kristy Finch, mother of Chauncey Thomas, said.

Her son, Thomas, and Kalius Lane were both charged with murder and six counts of battery in a deadly Jonesboro Mothers Day weekend shooting in 2017.

The shooting happened at the Basement Under Main in downtown where six people were injured and left one person, Montario Barnes, dead.

Thomas charges changed, he pleaded guilty this week to hindering apprehension and now does not face murder or battery charges.

Finch spoke exclusively with Region 8 News on Wednesday about her sons outcome.  

He doesn't have to go to prison for life, but he's still in prison for life, Finch said.

She said her son is now a convicted felon for a crime he didnt do.

Hindering apprehension, she said. What? I turned Chauncey in. They are trying to say he concealed Kalius.

Finch stands beside her sons innocence. He told her the night of the shooting, he was another face in the crowd.

All the sudden he heard bam, bam, bam and he said so I take off running, just like everybody else, Finch said.

Hours after the shooting, her sons photo hit the news as investigators were searching for him and Lane.

He said momma, I havent had a gun, she said. I haven't shot a gun, haven't seen a gun, he was like mom take me up there so I can clear my name.

Thomas turned himself in to share his side of the story, but Finch said her son never walked out.

Investigators found probable cause to keep him, and thats when the nightmare started.

The last nine months have been traumatizing for Finch as she set aside and thought about her son behind bars.
After being released from jail, she said her son is pressing on, be a good father and leave the partying scene behind.

Id be telling a story if I wasn't overjoyed that he was out, but I hate that it came with a condition that he still had to compromise his life to have his freedom, Finch said. Because now not only is he a young black man, he's a young black convicted felon for a crime he didn't do.

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