Corps of engineers issues warning for Arkansas River

Corps of engineers issues warning for Arkansas River
(Source: KATV)

(KAIT/KATV) - Continuous rainfall was the cause for the Corps of Engineers to issue a small craft advisory for the Arkansas River.

The water flow speed must reach 70,000 cubic feet per second before a warning is issued. When the warning was issued Wednesday, the rate was roughly 77,000 cubic feet per second in Little Rock.

Ashly Zink, a navigation operations manager, has been keeping an on on the river as more rainfall is expected over the coming days.

According to KATV, Zink says the river has become hazardous to small boats on the body of water. "The flows are extremely dangerous when the flows are high," Zink urged. "The currents can overtake the boat and there are a lot of debris out in the river that you can't see."

She continued to urge people to keep an eye on water movement and to be vigilant. "Flows can increase with the local weather at any point so keep an eye on what's going on."

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