The Days of Junk Food at School Are Over

August 23, 2005 --Posted at 3:45 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR-- Candy bars and sodas no longer have a place in school lunches.

On Monday, the State Board of Education approved new school nutrition standards that limit students' access to vending machines. The limitations are on the size of the sugared drinks and require more nutritious snacks.

Philidelphia Elementary Principal says they want to get an early start on their childrens' future.

"There are no longer any vending machines in our elementary school. Where as we used to have candy machines and coke machines. Also our lunches are now meeting higher nutritional standards."

Principal House said they are even increasing the amount of physical activity the children are doing during P.E.

"We have hired a P.E. teacher who is specialized in training and working on activities with children. He knows how to give them a workout but in a fun way."

Lucas Perkins, the P.E. teacher, knows the key to keeping the kids fit.

"We just do activities that everyone can join in on and make it fun. As long as they keep moving, they get the best exercise, and they have a blast."

The teachers have a vending machine for snacks and sodas, but they do have healthy choices.