Bill Could Take Money From Arkansas Communities

August 23, 2005--Posted at 6:00 pm CDT

Lawrence County--A bill due to be voted on in the United States Senate could look to take money from states with small populations in order to give to those who are more populous.  If passed the bill would surely cut into the estimated 70 million dollars the state of Arkansas received over the past three years.

The funding formula brought the state of Arkansas ten dollars per person in 2003.  That was three dollars more than the national average and five dollars more than New York or California received.

At home local officials are hoping to keep the money coming to small communities who they say needs it just as much as larger areas. 


Lawrence County Judge Alex Latham told K8News, “we are now capable of not only responding to catastrophes but of also doing a good job.” 


He says recent events like the train derailment show just how the governments money is going to good use.