Father reunited with son's stolen ashes

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(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Peevey family can now rest after two people confessed to destroying their loved one's final resting place and stealing his ashes.

Sgt. Robert Riley Peevey, a former Arkansas State University and Jonesboro Police officer died after taking his life in 2015. He was cremated and placed in the Grace Memorial Garden where his family would visit several times a week.

"I went for a visit to see my son Sunday and found that his niche had been broken into and he was gone," Bob, "Again I was mad and could not believe someone would do such a thing."

Bob and his family reached out to police and took to Facebook with a reward for the return of Robert's ashes. Friday, their cry for help paid off.

"I and my wife just got back from lunch and got a call from the Jonesboro Police Department and they said they made two arrests and I was just happy," said Bob. "They recovered his ashes. I have to get a new box but that is ok. I am beyond happy."

Bob said he hates this type of crime has caused someone to be in trouble, but that they deserve their consequences.

"They did what they did and now they have to accept it," said Peevey. "We just smiled and cried because we got our son back."

Brook Edwards and Brandon Nelson, the men who turned themselves in, are now facing charges after their confession which Bob says he is grateful for.

"I was in law enforcement I know once you confess something like this, it relieves yourself too," said Bob. "But they still have to suffer the consequences to and whatever the court system decides."

Bob said he is beyond grateful for the community's support and though the two men confessed, forgiveness will be difficult for him.

"In my heart, I will but being law enforcement I have a hard time forgiving but I will try my best," said Bob.

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