Clay Co. woman's home nearly destroyed by tornado

MCDOUGAL, AR (KAIT) - A Clay County woman is thankful to be alive after an EF1 tornado nearly destroyed her home.

Frances Parrish said she was home when the tornado ripped through the McDougal area.

"I wasn't sure if it was really happening or if I was just imagining that this house was moving around," she said.

It wasn't her imagination, her home was blown off it's foundation.

"The front door blew open," she said. "So, I ran over to close it and stuff was just flying everywhere through the air."

The tornado demolished her storage shed and ripped off the majority of her roof.

"I have to say I shed a few tears because it looked a lot worse this morning than it did last night," she said.

Parrish said 19 years ago her family dealt with worse circumstances on the same property when severe weather leveled her in-law's house.

She said she is moving to another home and will not be moving back ever again.

She was not injured during the tornado and said she's thankful to be alive.

"It's a feeling if you haven't went through it, you cannot describe it," Parrish said. "We are blessed I don't have to think, I know."

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