Chaos after country rap concert canceled means new changes

Chaos after country rap concert canceled means new changes
(Source: Raycom Media)

(KAIT/KARK) - A canceled concert in Garland County, AR has officials looking to make changes to the permitting process for hosting events.

On Feb. 10, country rap artist Upchurch was scheduled to play at Cole's Off-Road Park.

The event was canceled after realizing the promoter apparently oversold tickets beyond what the venue could accommodate.

After that, chaos ensued across the county.

According to KARK, signs and mailboxes were knocked over, people were fighting in the street, and port-a-potties were set on fire.County officials say they were under the impression the Upchurch concert was supposed to be only a concert.

However, County Judge Rick Davis says there had also been a lot of off-roading on the muddy property that resulted in run-off into Lake Hamilton.

Shortly after the canceled concert Cole's announced on Facebook that it was permanently closed.

However, multiple committee members voiced concerns Monday night about similar situations cropping up at similar venues in the future.

Click here to read what Davis said.

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