Suspected mall flasher blames "laced marijuana"

Suspected mall flasher blames "laced marijuana"
Dylon Keith Hollowell (Source: Craighead Co. Sheriff's Office)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A man suspected of exposing his genitalia to several women at a Jonesboro mall told police he was under the influence of "laced marijuana."

Dylon Hollowell, 21, is charged with four counts of indecent exposure following recent incidents at The Mall at Turtle Creek, 3000 E. Highland.

The latest incident occurred on Wednesday, Feb. 21.

A store employee reported she was straightening shelves when Hollowell approached her and touched her on the buttocks.

At first, the woman believed she had backed into Hollowell, according to the incident report. But, when it happened again, "she knew she had not bumped into anyone by mistake."

The victim told police she moved to another aisle, and Hollowell followed her. That's when she realized he was following her, she said.

When she saw him getting close to her, she turned around and reportedly caught him "with his arm reached out in an attempt to touch her buttock again."

The woman told Hollowell he needed to stop and leave her alone. But he claimed he had only touched her by mistake, the report said.

Once again, the employee went to another aisle, leaving Hollowell behind.

As she walked around the end of the aisle, the woman said Hollowell "approached her again with his penis through the zipper of his pants."

The woman told Officer Zach Kaja, Hollowell's penis was "fully erect."

She told Hollowell he needed to leave the store.

According to the initial incident report, store surveillance video showed Hollowell was masturbating before he approached the woman.

According to Detectives Vic Brooks and Chris Poe, the woman and three other victims identified Hollowell from a six-person photo lineup as the man who exposed himself to them.

Sgt. Poe contacted Hollowell who agreed to meet the detective at the police station for an interview.

"Hollowell admitted he was the person involved in these incidents but was under the influence of 'laced marijuana'," Sgt. Poe stated in the incident report. "He said he remembered going to Target but none of the other stores and didn't remember any of his actions while inside the store."

Hollowell reportedly claimed he smoked the "laced marijuana" with an unnamed subject that he "normally smoked with" but did not ask if there was something wrong with it.

"Instead, he returned to smoke more of the substance," Poe stated. "Hollowell was given several alternative reasons for his actions, but would not admit to any of them."

Sgt. Poe arrested Hollowell and booked him into the Craighead County Detention Center on suspicion of four counts of second-degree sexual assault.

The charges were later reduced to indecent exposure, following the advice of Craighead County Deputy Prosecutor Charlene Henry, Poe stated.

Hollowell was cited with four counts of indecent exposure with a $2,500 bond. Sgt. Poe also obtained no-contact orders for all of the victims from Craighead County District Judge David Boling.

Hollowell has been criminally banned from The Mall at Turtle Creek.

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