Tornado siren installed, now working in Marmaduke

(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

MARMADUKE, AR (KAIT) - A new tornado siren that was purchased after an older system failed during severe weather earlier this year is now working.

According to a Facebook post from Marmaduke Mayor Steve Dixon, the new siren was tested Wednesday and worked.

Marmaduke city leaders voted to purchase an expensive tornado siren after the current one failed to sound.

After a February tornado ripped through Greene County, sirens sounded across many towns; however, they did not in Marmaduke.

"We knew we had problems with our existing sirens," Marmaduke Mayor Steve Dixon said. "We currently have four, we were aware two of them did not work and made plans for that and one of them was sporadic and it was suspect on rather it would work or wouldn't and the old one we have is the one that always works every time we tested it, but it didn't Saturday."

Dixon and city leaders met to discuss the purchase of a new siren at the city's most recent council meeting.

Following the latest severe weather event, the council voted to purchase a new siren, which will cost roughly $23,000.

It will cover a 5,000-foot radius, which Mayor Dixon said will reach the entire town.

"It'll be located here, approximately somewhere in this area of the corner of 4th and Williford Street," he said.

The new siren has possible life-saving features. Instead of manually setting them off, first responders will be able to sound them from emergency radios.

The city plans to keep one of the sirens that recently got repaired, Dixon said they are getting rid of the other three.

"In the event that one life is saved because of us having this, it's cheap you know you can't replace people. You can rebuild your house, you can buy a new car, but you can't buy a new kid," Dixon said.

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