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Jonesboro, AR--Ron Smiley Reports

Future of Jonesboro Transportation Approved

August 24, 2005--Posted at 5:00 pm CDT


Jonesboro, AR--It’s like looking into a crystal ball.  It is the plans over the next twenty-five years of transportation in and around Jonesboro.  The plans cover everything conceivable. 


 From bus services to airlines, roads to cycling paths if something is moving on it, it’s included in the plan.  Now officials are giving residents one final time to make their opinions and ideas known to planners before it is officially filed.


Planners say they have asked for public involvement every step of the way from beginning to end on developing the plans. 


 They add all meetings were open to the public, and while they say all ideas will be taken into consideration one group disagrees.  The Ridge Riders, a group of local cyclist, say they have a problem with the current plans for cycling trails.


“We just don’t think they took into consideration the input from local cyclist,” local cyclist Jim Stearns said,   “So I guess they did an OK job.” 


 Stearns and others in his group feels the planners put bike trails too close to major traffic intersections.


The good news to those concerned with what is in the plans is there is a thirty day review of all plans.  If you would like to look at the plans you can go to city halls in Bay, Bono, Brookland, and the Jonesboro MPO office next to the Jonesboro City Hall.  You can also get an online copy of the complete plan at jonesboroisgreat.com .


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